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Nordic Championship 2017 / SM4 Imatralla, kauden suurin Jetski/Aquabike kilpailu Pohjoismaissa.

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Nordic Championship 2017 in Finland Imatra, this season's biggest jetski / aquabike race in the Nordic countries.

PM kilpailuluokat / Nordic Championship classes (minimum 7 riders/class) 


Ski classes:
Ski junior GP3.2.10-12 year                                                             
Ski junior GP3.3.13-15 year *
Ski GP1  
Ski GP2 *
Ski GP3 *
Ski ladies GP3 
Ski ladies GP1 
Ski veteran GP1 + 40 
Freestyle *

Runabout classes:
Runabout Spark GP4 Junior 11-16 year 
Runabout Spark GP4 *           UIM rules for GP4 with addendum that steering                                                 bracket is also allowed to change/modify + free                                                 flash ECU.  
Runabout GP3 
Runabout GP2 *
Runabout GP1 

* Nordic and Finnish championship class. 
   - Finnish national points will only be awarded to drivers who have previously participated in the Finnish national race in 2017.

Säännöt / Rules:
According to UIM Aquabike rule book 2017.



Friday 11th august
12:00-17:00 Registration and technical inspection
12:00-17:00 or 20:00 Free training
17:30-20:00 Qualification if necessary
ca 20:30 Flag ceremony and freestyle show

Saturday 12th august                                                                         
09:30-10:00      Riders meeting                                                       
10:15-10:30      Organisers meeting                                          
10:30-13:30      Training 
14:00-19:00      Start heat 1-2  
ca 17:00             Freestyle

Sunday 13th august
9:00                 Riders meeting
10:00-16:30      Heat 2-3
17:00               Prize ceremony

Rules according to UIM Aquabike and finnish championships rules. 

Pit and camping area
There is possibility to camp with tents, mobile homes etc at race site from Thursday august 10th 12:00. 
Toilets, water and electricity are on site. 
The driver should have their own insurance that covers jetski/aquabike championship race.

All drivers must have a race license for a national association

Race Pre-registration

Pre-registration Fee:

1st class 80 €
Additional class 50 €
Freestyle free
Pre-registration ends on July 31, 2017 at 23:59 (FIN time)

late fee after  31st. July
1st class 100 €
Additional class 70 €
Freestyle free


Lisätietoja/more information:

Nordic Jetski/Aquabike Championship 2017 facebook event:


Nordic Jetski/Aquabike Championship 2017  race invitation (pdf)

Приглашение на Чемпионат Скандинавии NordicJet 2017 на гидроциклах.


Imatra / City of Imatra

Imatran kartta / map of Imatra

Kilpailukeskus Vuoksen Kalastuspuisto alue / The race center Vuoksen Kalustuspuisto area



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